best tea kettles for your glass top stove

5 Best Tea Kettles for Glass Top Stoves

Let’s take it when tea enthusiasts have a long day at work or school. All you want to do is go home and relax with a warm cup of tea.

Although you may quickly boil water in your microwave oven, it lacks the authenticity of water from a tea kettle. Are you concerned about what one may do to your glass stove? Then go no further than these great tea kettles, which are made to last and are safe to use on any surface!

A glass stove top is one of the most beautiful types of stove tops you can get for your cook top. However, it’s more difficult to add and remove items from the stove top. Glass top stoves also tend to be more difficult to clean. In this blog post, we will take a look at the best tea kettles for glass top stoves. So, if you are in the market for a new kettle, this blog will help you find the best one!

At a Glance:

Glass top stoves are efficient, easy to clean, and simple to maintain. They have a contemporary appearance and do not rust or tarnish like other stovetops. The main drawback to utilizing glass stovetops is that you must carefully select the kettles you may use.

If you like to boil water in a tea kettle on the stove, you’ll need to choose one that it can use on a glass cooktop.

 Here are some of our best picks of teakettle for your glass top stove

Tea kettles come in a variety of styles, the most popular of which is the stovetop kind. The electric tea kettle is the second most popular, followed by the automated tea brewer. Stovetop tea kettles are not only the most common but also the most straightforward to use.

  • Le Creuset Enamel on Steel Whistling Tea Kettle, 1.7 qt., Caribbean
  • KitchenAid KTEN20CBPR 2.0-Quart Kettle with C Handle and Trim Band – Pyrite
  • All-Clad E86199 Stainless Steel Tea Kettle, 2-Quart, Silver
  • POLIVIAR Tea Kettle, 2.1 Quart Stove Top Black Tea Kettle Stovetop
  • Mr. Coffee Claredale Whistling Tea Kettle, 2.2-Quart, Brushed Stainless Steel

Our Recommendations For Best Tea Kettles for Glass Top Stoves

DesignBuying GuidesRetailer
Staff PickLe Creuset Enamel on Steel Whistling Tea Kettle, 1.7 qt. Caribbean
Check Price
Best PickAll-Clad E86199 Stainless Steel Tea Kettle, 2-Quart, Silver
Check Price
Budget PickKitchenAid 2.0-Quart Kettle with C Handle and Trim Band - Sunkissed Lime
Check Price
POLIVIAR Tea Kettle, 2.1 Quart Stove Top Black Tea Kettle Stovetop
Check Price
Mr. Coffee Claredale Whistling Tea Kettle
Check Price

Which Type of Tea Kettle is Best for Glass Top Stove? 

The finest tea kettle for glass stovetops is one that says it’s safe for them and is constructed of long-lasting materials like stainless steel or glass. Features like a tea infuser (which may also be used as a teapot) and whistles as the water boils are helpful. On a glass-top stove, cast iron is not recommended.

How do you choose the Best High-Quality Tea Kettle for Your Glass-Top Electric Stove?

When shopping for a tea kettle for your glass top stove, check for a few key design characteristics. These guidelines will assist you in selecting the finest quality tea kettle, but I’ve included my personal favorites to make it even simpler to choose the ideal kettle for you.
However, whether you want to conduct your research or are buying a kettle for a friend or family member, understanding what features to look for will help you choose a more efficient kettle.

Everyone Wants to Know About the Difference Between a Tea Kettle and a Teapot 

Teapots and tea kettles may appear to be quite similar; they are intended for different purposes.
A kettle is a cooktop appliance that allows the user to heat water for tea or other uses. A teapot is a container for making tea that is either safe to use on a hot stove or not.

Despite their differences in feature, appearance, and principal purpose, both tea kettles and teapots are popular in households. When it comes to teapots vs. tea kettles, the former is more attractive and appropriate for formal events. The latter, on the other hand, is more energy-efficient and easier to operate.

When selecting a gadget to assist you in brewing tea, think about your actual demands to choose which one is the most useful. If you enjoy the process of making loose leaf tea, these tea kettles will greatly enhance your experience.

The 5 Best Glass Stovetop Tea Kettles In 2022

With all of the factors above in mind, have a look at the tea kettles listed below, which are ideal for use on your kitchen’s glass cooktop!

Le Creuset Enamel on Steel Whistling Tea Kettle, 1.7 qt. Caribbean

Staff Pick
Le Creuset Enamel On Steel Whistling Tea Kettle, 1.7 qt., Caribbean
Dimensions10 x 10 x 6 inches
Capacity1.7 quart
Weight0.049 ounces

Enamel-coated steel 1-4/5-quart whistling tea kettle, beautiful tea kettle designed safely to use on all heat sources, even induction.


  • A single-tone whistle sounds when the water has reached a rolling boil.
  • A large base allows for more contact with the heating element, resulting in faster water boiling.
  • Quick and easy heating with excellent heat dispersion
  • For pouring, the fixed whistle may be easily flipped open.
  • Handle brackets made of stainless steel for a firm grip
  • For safe pouring, a heat-resistant ergonomic handle is included.
  • The capacity of the kettle is indicated on the base for easy reference.
  • You may use it with any heat source (gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, induction)

Heating Suggestions:

Only fill the kettle with water over the first layer of perforations on the interior of the spout while filling it (see diagram on box for more information). 
Always use a burner that is the same size as the kettle base for efficient and safe boiling.

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There’s a Le Creuset kettle to match any kitchen design plan with traditional and futuristic styles. Durable carbon steel warms water quickly, and a fixed single-tone whistle warns when the water has reached a rolling boil, making it ideal for French press coffee, porridge, and much more in addition to tea.


  • Extremely long-lasting design, ideal for families 
  • Heats a large amount of water fast, making it ideal for serving large parties or making numerous beverages at once 
  • It’s decorative and adds to the look of your kitchen.
  • Durability 


  • When pouring hot water, the handle might be a bit difficult to manage

All-Clad E86199 Stainless Steel Tea Kettle, 2-Quart, Silver

Best Pick
All-Clad E86199 Stainless Steel Tea Kettle, 2-Quart, Silver
Dimensions10.1 x 8.2 x 8.9 inches
Capacity2 Quarts
Weight3 pounds
MaterialStainless Steel

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For a long time, All-Clad has been synonymous with high-quality cookware. The goods from this brand are essential in style yet made to last for years. This perfect tea kettle is both attractively designed and quite effective when it comes to boiling water.


  • It was made of high-quality 18/10 stainless steel with a high-polished surface that is simple to clean.
  • Single-ply high-grade stainless steel construction with a heavy gauge
  • Provides exceptional quality and performance
  • Pour hot water with ease without spilling or splashing.
  • When the water boils, a whistle sounds, and the hinged top swings open for convenient pouring.
  • Stainless steel rivets hold the comfortable, sloping handle in place.


The All-Clad 2-Quart Tea Kettle boils water fast and effectively. It is made of high-quality, long-lasting 18/10 stainless steel with a high-polished finish for simple cleaning. Gas, electric, ceramic, and induction cooktops are all compatible.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Timeless design
  • Heating up quickly
  • Pouring with ease and comfortable grip


  • The handle heats up

KitchenAid 2.0-Quart Kettle with C Handle and Trim Band – Sunkissed Lime

Budget Pick
KitchenAid 2.0-Quart Kettle with C Handle and Trim Band - Sunkissed Lime
Dimensions7.83 x 8.35 x 7.83 inches
Capacity2 Quarts
Weight3.14 pounds
ColorSunkissed Lime

If you’re searching for a reliable stovetop kettle with no regard for aesthetics, I’m confident you’ll enjoy this device.

Quickly prepare and serve seasonal brews, delicious soups, or hot cereals in style with this modern design, well-crafted porcelain enamel kettle with an attractive handle.

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  • Thumb-Press Pouring is simple with the spout: tilt, open, and pour in one action.
  • Serving is a breeze with its solid yet comfortable handle.
  • Filling and cleaning are made simple with the Removable Lid.
  • The Vibrantly Colored Porcelain Exterior gives your kitchen a unique look.
  • When your water is hot and ready, the clear, loud whistle will alert you.
  • The stainless-steel kettle trim band gives the already colorful appearance an intense sharpness.


The bright, stylish, and contemporary porcelain enamel kettles bring style to water heating and look excellent on any cooktop and make your kitchen aesthetic look. With this beautifully made porcelain enamel kettle, you’ll be able to choose elegant handles, and quickly make and serve seasonal beverages, tasty soups, or hot cereals in elegance.


  • Cleaning and filling are simple.
  • Band with an elegant trim
  • spout with thumb press
  • The whistling kettle sound is clear


  • When pouring, a few consumers complained about leakage

POLIVIAR Tea Kettle, 2.1 Quart Stove Top Black Tea Kettle Stovetop

POLIVIAR Tea Kettle, 2.1 Quart Stove Top Black Tea Kettle Stovetop
Dimensions8.11 x 8.03 x 7.64 inches
Capacity2.1 Quartz
Weight1.72 pounds
ColorMatte Black
MaterialStainless Steel

[azonpress template=”box” asin=”B07WT22MYM”]

This design is a little smaller than some others, but it is one of the most efficient because of its unique design. Because of this one-of-a-kind combination, water heats up even faster than in other tiny kettles.


  • The tea pot’s silicone-coated handle allows you to pick it up with your bare hands without suffering burns.
  • One-handed pouring is feasible because of the simple-touch button that allows for effortless opening and closing.
  • While you’re concentrating on other things like chores, movies, or gaming, the whistle on this kettle will catch your attention.
  • Easy, time-saving, and stress-free.
  • The finish on this tea kettle is electroplated for long life.
  • This kettle is rust and corrosion-resistant thanks to its professional food-grade finish which makes it an excellent choice with 18/8 stainless steel manufacturing.


A global distributor of stainless-steel products that meet the highest quality standards. POLIVIAR 7379 has prioritized quality and aesthetics. We are committed to providing high-quality goods at the best possible price. Our mission is to develop interests that significantly improve our clients’ lives and health. We want to make high-quality goods out of safe materials.


  • An incredibly efficient heating system
  • Design that is long-lasting and durable
  • It is simple to use and pour
  • For more straightforward use, a comfortable handle is provided
  • The design is kid-friendly


  • For large families or groups, the minor form isn’t ideal

Mr. Coffee Claredale Whistling Tea Kettle

Mr Coffee Claredale Whistling Tea Kettle
Dimensions8.11 x 8.03 x 7.64 inches
Capacity2.1 Quartz
Weight1.72 pounds
ColorMatte Black
MaterialStainless Steel

[azonpress template=”box” asin=”B01N4IT99R”]

This traditional high-quality stainless steel tea kettle is reasonably priced and features an ergonomic Bakelite handle for a contemporary update. Customers claim the grip is incredibly comfortable and straightforward to hold, in addition to having an eye-catching design.


  • The classic appearance complements any kitchen plan or decor.
  • This teakettle’s unique form looks great on the stovetop or in the kitchen.
  • It boils water for excellent hot chocolate or a medium to a large pot of tea or coffee for the whole family.
  • Hand wash suggested. 
  • Whistling teakettle warns you when the water is boiling. 
  • A flip-up spout cover makes pouring safe and straightforward. Bakelite keeps cool handles and triggers for safety.


  • It would be best if you did not overfill the kettle.
  • Fill no more than halfway up the spout aperture.
  • Do not allow the flames on the burner to reach the tea kettle’s base,.


Mr. Coffee Claredale will help you make your favorite hot beverage. 2. A tea kettle with a capacity of 2 quarts. Its modern form and silver-colored brushed finish look fantastic on any cooktop. It’s a tremendous complement to any kitchen, made of stainless steel with stay-cool Bakelite handles.


  • Spout trigger and ergonomic handle
  • Several colors are available.
  • Lightweight


  • A very silent whistle

Best Tea Kettles for Glass Stoves – Our Best Buying Guide

Before purchasing a tea kettle for a glass top stove or any other stove, you should think about a few things. Check the following criteria with the item to ensure you obtain the proper product.

Material for Kettle:

Various materials offer benefits for kettles, but glass, steel, and enameled steel kettles are the most common.
Steel and enameled steel kettles are excellent for heat transmission and will heat your water considerably more quickly.

Glass kettles are also efficient, but their primary advantage is that you may frequently make your tea right in the kettle. If your kettle has an infuser (like mine), you may use the color of your tea to determine when it’s ready to drink and when it needs another minute.

Easy to Pour Out Its Content

A decent kettle should allow you to pour easily and comfortably. It should be easy to use and allow for the best possible flow. The most suggested kettle is one with a spout and a high level of control.


The price of a kettle varies. It is feasible to purchase a low-cost kettle, but the cost of repair will be higher. To be on the safe side, get a low-cost kettle that will last a long time.

Rust Resistance

A decent kettle should, without a doubt, be resistant to corrosion. The kettle should allow you to enjoy it while also allowing you to dry clean it after each use.

Size of The Serving

If you prepare tea for yourself, you won’t need a giant kettle. For the cooktop, a little tea kettle is ideal. On the other hand, a big kettle might be more suited if you frequently serve visitors or have a large family who likes a teacup.

When looking for a kettle that holds a significant quantity of water, the amount of tea you can make with it is an essential factor to consider. It allows you to boil a large volume of water quickly.

When purchasing a tea kettle, consider the capacity and if it is sufficient for your needs.

Faster Healing of Water

Purchase a Kettle that boils water more quickly. These kettles are energy efficient and may help you save money on your utility costs.

Source of Heat

It is essential to get a Kettle that is compatible with the heat source you use at home. If you’re going to use gas, get a gas-powered one. Similarly, if you enjoy cooking with electricity, investing in an electric kettle might be beneficial.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing the most excellent kettle, your options will differ according to your needs.

The Poliviar design blends traditional kettle features with a melodic harmony that is sure to lift your spirits. If simplicity of use is essential to you, the Le Creuset is the way to go.

The KitchenAid style is perfect for individuals searching for bright and valuable additions to their home kitchen. The Al Clad futuristic appearance is ideal for more contemporary kitchens.
True tea connoisseurs understand the value of a good kettle, but great-tasting tea shouldn’t be challenging to brew.

Mr. Coffee Will serve you well if you want your kettle to double as a drip coffee machine.

Take pleasure in your next cup of tea!

Summary For 5 Best Tea Kettles for Glass Top Stoves

DesignBuying GuidesRetailer
Staff PickLe Creuset Enamel on Steel Whistling Tea Kettle, 1.7 qt. Caribbean
Check Price
Best PickAll-Clad E86199 Stainless Steel Tea Kettle, 2-Quart, Silver
Check Price
Budget PickKitchenAid 2.0-Quart Kettle with C Handle and Trim Band - Sunkissed Lime
Check Price
POLIVIAR Tea Kettle, 2.1 Quart Stove Top Black Tea Kettle Stovetop
Check Price
Mr. Coffee Claredale Whistling Tea Kettle
Check Price

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Stainless Steel or Glass Kettle Better?

Because stainless steel is more robust and long-lasting, it is perhaps the most acceptable tea kettle option. A glass teapot and kettle combo, however, is durable, safe to use, and looks terrific in the kitchen, making it an excellent combination of tea kettle and pot.

What factors should I consider while purchasing a tea kettle?

When selecting a tea kettle, consider whether you want a stovetop or electric type. Then choose the materials you wish to use to construct your kettle. Consider the type of spout and handle you want, as well as whether you want your kettle to whistle when it’s ready for you.

Is it safe to use a glass tea kettle?

For both tea kettles and teapots, glass is the cleanest and safest material. According to our findings, glass is the safest of all materials. Borosilicate glass does not have a glaze and does not emit any metals or poisons. Another advantage is that it can resist high temperatures, making it perfect for tea preparation.

Is it possible to prepare tea in a glass?

Green tea is traditionally brewed using tempered glass. Uncovered glasses allow you to view the lovely leaves unfurl while also preventing the water from becoming too hot and damaging the most fragile tea leaves. Remember to use tempered glass wherever possible.

Is it possible to heat milk in a tea kettle?

Yes, but keep an eye on the milk in case it boils. Milk might leave an odor in your kettle, which you can then transfer to the water you use next time.

You may avoid this by filling the kettle halfway with water and allowing it to heat up after you’ve removed the milk.

What is the ideal temperature for making tea?

It depends on the type of tea you’re making, as black and most herbal teas require temperatures between 200- and 215-degrees Fahrenheit to ultimately brew. On the other hand, you can brew most tea at temperatures between 180- and 190-degrees Fahrenheit.

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